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Super visa in Canada

Super visa in Canada

Apply for Super visa in Canada

If you are planning to visit your children or grandchildren in Canada then Super visa in Canada is the best option for you as this visa lets you visit your children or grandchildren for up to 2 years at a time. It is the multi-entry visa with which the applicant can have multiple entries in Canada for a period of 10 years.
So it is clear that super visa in Canada is different than the visitor visa in Canada as the visitor visa lets the applicant stay for 6 months or less in the premises.
For opting this super visa Vancouver and even in the other provinces of the Canada applicant needs to meet the following eligibility criteria

Eligibility for a super visa in Canada

If you want to be eligible for the super visa then you need to meet the subsequent requirements

  1. The primary condition for the super visa in Canada is that you must have your child or grandchild in Canada who is a permanent resident of Canada
  2. You must have the invitation letter for Canada duly signed by your child or grandchild living in Canada. This invitation letter must include the following pointers
    • Commitment for the complete financial support for the length of your visit
    • Complete detail about the number of people in the household of the concerned person
    • Copy of the Canadian citizenship or permanent resident document of the person who is inviting you for super visa Vancouver

  3. Applicant must have the medical insurance from the authorized Canadian insurance company. This medical insurance should be valid for 1 year and must have coverage of $100,000 and even the proof of the payment of this medical insurance also be included.

  4. Applicant must be allowed to enter Canada

  5. Applicant must not have any dependant along with him or her while applying for a super visa.

  6. It is important for the applicant to take an immigration medical exam

  7. Applicant must have the proof of funds including the Notice of Assessment orT4/T1 till the current year, employment insurance stubs, employment letter, pay stubs and all bank statements.

How to apply for a super visa Canada?

If you are eligible for this multi-entry visa then process for applying for the super visa is not difficult as you can apply online or on pare for this visa. In case of any assistance, you can get help from your nearest visa application center (VAC) and can consult our experienced professionals.

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