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Sponsorship Program in Canada

Sponsor your family members to immigrate to canada

How the sponsorship program in Canada can bring loved ones together?

If you or your certain relatives are permanent residents of Canada then sponsorship program in Canada can work for you and can reunite you all in Canada.
Basically, the sponsorship program in Canada allows the Canadian citizens or the permanent residents of Canada to sponsor their dependent children, parents, grandparents, spouse, conjugal partner or other relatives. As Canada strongly supports the unity and togetherness of families whenever possible so this family class sponsorship program in Canada has been given the highest priority by the Canadian visa officers.

Key points:-

Following are some general eligibility conditions for sponsorship program in Canada for those who want to sponsor there any family members

  • Only 18 years old person can sponsor his or her family members under this program
  • Canadian citizens or the permanent residents of Canada are eligible for this sponsorship program in Canada

Categories for sponsorship program in Canada

A person can sponsor his or her family members that fall into the following categories

Spousal category

In this family class immigration category a Canadian citizen or permanent resident can sponsor a spouse or common-law partner for the Canadian PR. Both the sponsor and the sponsored person must be approved by IRCC in order to receive a visa under the sponsorship program in Canada Even same-sex marriages, same-sex partners can also apply for the visa under this program as these marriages and partnership are recognized by the Canadian government.

Outland Sponsorship category

This type of sponsorship program is pursued when the sponsored partner is living outside of Canada but want to sponsor his or her family member for PR in Canada so such outland applicants can apply under this category and even they are permitted to travel in or out Canada throughout the processing of their application. Applications of this category are processed through the visa office of the applicant's country of origin or where both partners resided legally for at least one year.

Inland Sponsorship

It is the category of sponsorship program in Canada for a spouse or common-law sponsorship and is applicable when the couple is together in Canada and the foreign spouse or common-law parent is not having permanent residence status in Canada means either the partner is living in Canada as a worker or as a student.
Under this category, the sponsored person is eligible for an open work permit and can work for any employer in Canada while his or her sponsorship application is being processed.

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