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Change Visa Status Canada

Change Visa Status Canada

Have an experts' advice to change visa status in Canada

As an immigration consultant, we also offer assistance to the candidates who are already enjoying the immigration services in Canada but want to change their visa status. We often get inquiries from the people who want to change their immigration status like from visitor to worker or from worker to permanent residence and so on. If you are also willing to know about the conditions and process of changing visa status in Canada then you are welcomed here as our world best team of immigration consultants may provide you all required information and immigration assistance.

How to change different visa status in Canada?

Let us have some detailed information about how to change visa status in the following conditions

To have Work Permit

  • If the person is having visitor visa in Canada means having temporary status and want to work in Canada then the person needs to change his visa status from visitor to work permit as no person has a right to work in Canada without work permit Canada
  • Even if your current status as a visitor or you are having TRV means temporary resident visa then you can apply for the extension of your visa but before the expiry of your visa. If you want to change your visa from visitor to work then you may need a job offer from an employer and a positive LMIA from human resources skills development Canada.
  • If the person has applied for work permit then for the time until his visa status gets changed person can live in Canada and his immigration status change process also get initiated in Canada but the individual has to prepare him or her to leave Canada in case of rejection of his application for changing visa status.
  • If you are on student visa Canada then you can also change your visa statutes from Canada student visa to work permits.

To have permanent residence

  1. If you want to change your visa status from visitor to permanent resident then you are not allowed to change as it is not possible to change visitor visa into PR visa. It is only allowed in specific cases like refugee status or having spouses and partners in Canada on a PR basis.
  2. If you are on work permit then you can process your application to change your visa status from a worker from PR under the Canadian Experience Class but you are eligible to change your status after working in a skilled position for 12 months or more. Even the candidates can get a grant of work permit extension until their PR visa application is being processed.

ICCRC Member

ICCRC Member ICCRC is the national regulatory body designated by the government of Canada in July 2011, to regulate Canadian immigration, citizenship and international student advising services.

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