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Canada citizenship

Canada citizenship

Are you dreaming for Canadian citizenship Canada?

Have you any dream to enjoy the global opportunities with great standards of living and bright future? If the answer is big ‘Yes' then Canadian citizenship Canada can fulfill your dreams as we all know Canada is country of dreams for many and its citizenship comes with many benefits, rights, and responsibilities so grab some information on how to get it done?

How to get Canadian citizenship Canada?

Forgetting the citizenship of your dream country you need to meet some conditions mentioned below

Eligibility criteria for Canadian citizenship Canada

  • Subsequent pointers may put some light on the basic conditions that can make you eligible for Canadian citizenship Canada
  • You must have proof that you are proficient in speaking and writing anyone Canada's official language means either English or French
  • You need to be a permanent resident of Canada and with this PR you need to live in Canada at least for 1095 days out of 5 years before applying for Canadian citizenship Canada.
  • Make sure that you have filed your taxes for at least 3 years in 5 years of your PR along with the income tax you owe.

Key points to remember before applying for Canadian citizenship Canada

  1. IRCC can reject your citizenship application if it finds incomplete information or if you have not given acceptable proof of any information mentioned in the application like proof for having adequate knowledge of the official language of Canada.
  2. If you ever have been a member of Canadian Arm force or currently you are a member then you are eligible for fast track application process of your Canadian citizenship Canada
  3. Residence calculator can help you know how long you have been in Canada as PR and about your eligibility time to apply for Canadian citizenship Canada.
  4. If one of your parents was Canadian citizen when you born then you may already be a citizen of Canada but you need to apply for proof of Canadian citizenship.
  5. If you have any criminal record or were in prison or currently you are in prison then you can not apply for Canadian citizenship.
  6. Candidate can apply online for the citizenship of Canada by mailing the duly signed and filled application form along with all required and support documents (proof for the information mentioned in the application form) to the CIO in Sydney Canada.

ICCRC Member

ICCRC Member ICCRC is the national regulatory body designated by the government of Canada in July 2011, to regulate Canadian immigration, citizenship and international student advising services.

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